How the SlideDown started...

Sal Corio

Finally, a Simple Tie Down Device That Anybody Can Use!

In July of 1976, as the country celebrated the bicentennial anniversary of independence, Sal Corio, at a young age of 14, was looking to start his own and took his first flying lesson with veteran barnstorming flight instructor, Sabbie Ludovici.

"Sabbie taught you to fly by the seat of your pants approach," says Corio. Aside from teaching the skills to fly the airplane, Ludovici was just as concerned about teaching the technique of securing the airplane to the ground with the proper knot. Corio added, "Sometimes he was more critical of my knot tying than he was my flying skills." As Corio visited more airports he started to realize that not many pilots knew how to tie the "proper knot". And the more and more he flew, the crazier the knots.

He knew there had to be an easier way, a way that anybody could do it. On a camping trip, Sal noticed something made from a block of wood to hold a tent to the ground. Sal thought about that block of wood for the entire camping trip and thought of a way to modify it to make it easier, safe and strong enough to hold down his first airplane. He set out to a friend's machine shop and after several modifications, the Slidedown was made.

Today, Sal's patented Slidedowns are made at his shop in Rhode Island and he is proud to say they are "Made in the USA." The powder-coated slide mechanism is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and the rope is braided not far from his shop. And best of all, using a Slidedown is super fast and there is no more tying knots. Unlike ratchets that tend to jam there are no mechanical parts. Just ingenuity.

In 2013, Corio introduced his Slidedowns at the largest airshow in the world in Oshkosh, Wisconsin as a fast and easy way to secure an airplane to the ground. "I brought a pallet of them to the show and didn't know if I'd sell one, none or the entire pallet," says Corio. The response was overwhelming and by the end of the show, he was sold out. Since then, pilots around the globe have been raving about the ease and simplicity of securing their aircraft with Slidedowns.

But, why stop there? Aviators aren't the only ones that need a real simple way to tie down. Corio went back to the drawing board and made a smaller version that the outdoor world would love. So now Slidedowns are now made in a variety of colors in two sizes, the larger size is made with 7/16-inch kernmantle braided rope and a smaller size using a 1/4-inch sta-set braid. "There are literally hundreds of uses for my Slidedowns, from paddlesports, RV awnings, boating, hunting and for just about anyone that needs a simple way to secure anything," boasts Corio. Private labeling is also available.

Enjoy your Slidedowns and spread the word. Feel free to send us feedback and
photos using our product. Fly Safe!