What our customers have to say…

When the Wind Blows


“Just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks for your very simple and extremely effective design of the SlideDown tie-down system. I use the smaller set to secure the awning of my RV, and while others are hurrying to close their awnings when the wind begins to blow, I just laugh knowing the SlideDown will hold perfectly. And it always does. Thanks for making a product that actually out-performs its own advertised use.”

A Joy to Use

“Wow! Slidedowns are super slick and super easy. I never again have to stand in the rain tying knots. Love your product. The SlideDown was exactly what I wanted. They work in a flash, keep the lines taut and are a joy to use!”

Beginners Luck

“I purchased six sets of SlideDowns for my flight school. We like the SlideDown system because they're easy for anybody to use. A brand new student pilot can secure an aircraft in moments, quickly and firmly. Though most of our aircraft are released every morning, we have one aircraft that hasn't flown in two weeks. The SlideDowns don't loosen. We recently had a storm pass with 60 knot winds, everything was secure when the storm passed. It's a quality product that will stand the test of time.”

Snazzy and Functional

“Just installed my Slidedowns after my flight today. They look pretty snazzy...they look great and work well. Thanks Sal!”

Secure, Portable, Visible, and Easy to Use

“Even after rocking around in gusty winds, my tiedowns remain secure with no slack. Regardless of who ties the aircraft down, they're sure to get it right and leave the plane securely tied. They're also very portable, so if I'm headed someplace where I'm unsure of the availability of ropes it's no hassle to throw them in the baggage – all I need is ground hooks, which you'll usually find, long after ropes have disappeared. I opted for the bright orange color so I can pick them out from a ways off. They're more visible at night too so I don't fear running them over and sucking them up! All in all they're a great product.”